10 FAQs About Launching Digital Products

September 13, 2023

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Okay, so you are ready to launch a digital product, but you still have so many unanswered questions. I get it, it can be overwhelming! Let’s pause, take a deep breath, and settle your mind with these top 10 FAQs about launching digital products.  

10 FAQ About Launching Digital Products

1. How do you know where to start?

Just start! It can feel overwhelming at first. Take it one step at a time, and just start by brainstorming ideas/topics that your audience has an interest in learning from you! After that, start conducting initial market research to see where you want to take it from there.

2. How do you know what digital product to create?

A lot goes into this. It really depends on what type of education and value you are providing when deciding on the format of a digital product. Is it a topic that can be a simple low-ticket digital download? Or does your audience need a course or group coaching program? How will your education be taught the most effectively for your audience?

3. How long does it take to create and launch a digital product?

This depends on how robust your digital product is. Creating a simple digital download will take far less time than creating a full-blown course or group coaching program. For mid to high-level ticket offers, I always tell my clients to plan for at least 6 weeks to create and execute a successful launch strategy!

4. How do you grow your audience before a launch?

Create free, value-packed education to share with your audience! As you are providing this, your audience will organically grow. Grow your email list! This looks like promoting freebies that will provide value and help your audience on a topic that they want to learn about from you. Nurture your email list – continue sending weekly newsletters before you start selling! Show up on social media- how can you help your audience? Be personable, and relatable, and provide them with the education they need on the topic you can provide expertise on!

5. What’s the best way to promote your launch?

Sending sales emails out to your email list and showing up on social media! But it’s very important to note that you have to show up for weeks before your launch, too. Start building hype 4-6 weeks out! Take your audience behind the scenes of what you are creating for them and get them excited for your big launch!

6. Can I launch without showing my face online?

Technically, yes. But should you? No! Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Would you want to invest in learning from someone you know nothing about? No! Build credibility and trust by leveraging on your personal brand!

7. What platforms are best to host digital products?

This will depend on your budget and your digital product, but there are many great ones out there! A few of my favorites are Kajabi, ThriveCart, and Shopify Lite.

8. How do you write a sales page?

I have an entire blog post coming on this topic alone next week! Begin by completing an outline of everything you need to provide your audience on your sales page. Answer these questions first in a Q & A format so that it’s not overwhelming when you go to write your professional copy. This will make writing so much easier and eliminate writer’s block!

9. How do you create freebies?

I use Flodesk for my email list + promoting my freebie opt-in link (click here for 50% off your first year!). I use Canva to create my actual freebie download! Once the freebie is created, I save it as a PDF file (or if it’s a masterclass/video you have, use that link). I create a pop-up form for my website in Flodesk and then add the header code from Flodesk onto my settings in my website (I use Showit)! I also have my freebies on my website as site canvases with in-line forms (adding the code again) from Flodesk so people can opt-in that way too!! If adding code from Flodesk to Showit is too scary in the beginning, you can just directly use your flodesk link!! Make sure you add the link to download your freebie on your Instagram Links page as well. You can take this as far as creating a ManyChat with your freebie link to DM people your freebie, too!

Technically, yes. But should you? No! Put yourself in your audience’s shoes. Would you want to invest in learning from someone you know nothing about? No! Build credibility and trust by leveraging on your personal brand!

10. What are the main parts of the launch process?

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